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Googlism comments

paulb is my home directory
paulb is quite correct
paulb is further to the front and chris leads the pack
paulb is
paulb is the channel sheriff with 11 deops
paulb is bald by choice
paulb is further to the front and chr1s leads the pack
paulb is learning to play chess so he can beat his dad
paulb is indeed a doctor
paulb is a doctor
paulb is very interested in virtual drama
paulb is a researcher on public policy and new technologies who is collaborating with colleague ken schweller/cdr on the creation of mediamoo's tv
paulb is en blijft slordig en nalatig in het verstrekken van info
paulb is busy working on an expose' of the julian cope / ian mcculloch reunion tour of eatb
paulb is now known as icancu
paulb is now known as icancu *** ucantc_me is now known as nou_cant *** icancu is now known as yesican *** nou_cant

Nickname paulb

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