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Googlism comments

petr is a prolific ironman athlete
petr is a co
petr is officially in a scoring slump
petr is very superstitions
petr is ready
petr is a very tenacious player on the ice
petr is very offensively gifted
petr is now lecturing at the faculty of chemical technology of ict prague
petr is quietly climbing in the world ranking and nowadays is one of the most respected freestyle pilots
petr is still teaching a full class load
petr is going through is an accumulation of how he played the game
petr is truly mentoring here is a big plus
petr is a young conductor of tremendous potential
petr is writing a custom program for us that will allow us to transfer old models from lynx to mike net in an automated fashion
petr is willing to do what people expect of mikulas
petr is willing to do what > people expect of mikulas
petr is gelegen in een rustig deel van wijk prague vlakbij het centrum van de stad
petr is rich
petr is a class act
petr is the largest one
petr is a newly reconstructed hotel in the area of the valley svatý petr
petr is very ambitious and i was quite pleased he offered me the chance to participate in this project
petr is always direct
petr is a special player who has an excellent scoring touch
petr is a quality player and has always had a certain style
petr is cca 8
petr is it about 15 min
petr is another seasoned grandmaster from the russian chess
petr is located in a quiet part of the district prague 5
petr is a czech national living in czech republic who speaks english
petr is now mastering western methods of management of his research team
petr is very good sound mixer i knew when i saw him first time
petr is a research worker who dedicated the first decade of his carrier to analytical biochemistry
petr is located in a quiet part of the district prague 5 – smichov near the city centre
petr is new volunteer
petr is the co
petr is chairman of the management board of app
petr is one of the leaders of the apostolic church in zilina where he also serves in the music team
petr is engaging in behaviors called "defensive pessimism
petr is a visiting student from czech republic and the camera gear was a present from his parents
petr is not only the creator of rt player pro
petr is working on the project with thomas seidman of the university of maryland
petr is teaching a number of human geography classes at the department of geography and geology including political geography
petr is programmer
petr is one of our veteran correspondents
petr is dropped into the dark pit of
petr is located in a quiet part of the city near the center
petr is dreaming petr
petr is a key player for us obviously
petr is sojka@informatics
petr is seeking input on current virus program and ideas for improvement
petr is from the czech republic
petr is framing separate proposals to the us department of energy and the department of defense for funding to put his investigative work to practical use
petr is correct
petr is twenty
petr is a very hard teacher
petr is talking about the conference
petr is in his
petr is equipped with chair lifts and ski lifts with total capacity of 4500 skiers per hour
petr is joining plexis for the biggest tour in czechia and slovakia
petr is a constant reminder that god is working and is eager to go far beyond our expectations
petr is appreciative of the two
petr is an assistant professor in the dept of biology at southwestern adventist university
petr is not that old
petr is about to contradict this argument in a couple of paragraphs; see below
petr is clearly a powerhouse of talent and it was a joy gaining
petr is playing in finland
petr is wrapping presents at my place shortly before we head to kitimat for christmas eve dinner
petr is a gifted scorer who has been shuffled from team to team due to "attitude problems" well
petr is a trained engineer
petr is a talented web designer who is available to those who need a site that is extraordinary in detail and advanced design features
petr is working in one of ukrainian banks and is quite experienced in the stock market
petr is a announcer at a small independent radio station
petr is a high calibre instructor with many years of experience both as a consultant and an instructor
petr is refused his ticket to the petersburg
petr is located in a quiet part of the district prague 5 – smichov near the city center
petr is a chechoslovakian republic researcher of crop circles
petr is able to
petr is in credits
petr is using cvs sources
petr is an investment banker by background and has worked for leading investment bank and securities’ companies in prague
petr is ready and

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