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Googlism comments

purr is music
purr is a miracle in more ways than one by gina spadafori out of all the animals we have taken into human society
purr is a nonprofit
purr is looking for an inexpensive
purr is not real
purr is the result of an electrical impulse generated by the brain
purr is a miracle in more ways than one
purr is not an exchange programme
purr is a programme of short
purr is the sound of it generating mystery and enigma a cat's purr is the rumble of peace in the animal kingdom
purr is very important to me and i have future plans for it when i get the time
purr is usually released on the 1st day of every other month or shortly there after
purr is a pussycat precious purr is a pocket precious purr is a poodle precious purr is a ping pong ball precious purr is a ordinary
purr is indeed a wondrous thing
purr is more than a feline vocalization
purr is more a tactile signal than an acoustic one
purr is generated
purr is a demand
purr is not a pro? cons
purr is not a pro?
purr is that the mother cat's purring is a physical sensation that the kittens can feel to
purr is an internationally established practitioner of feng shui based in the north of england
purr is one of the most endearing aspects of our cats
purr is a way of the cat reassuring itself that everything is going to be allright
purr is much darker and harder musically than anything else that dhc has released
purr is rather loud
purr is a turbo charged mixture of the urbane
purr is connected to the following things
purr is connected to because
purr is also the debut album for pink and black records
purr is the student news publication of lewiston high school that is published once every three weeks
purr is the sound of love; a similar sound that i call a rumble is the sound of war
purr is caused by the vibration of the muscles around the larynx
purr is solely between you and the dog and cat nap
purr is purr
purr is because they're content
purr is a good listener
purr is spending her retirement years with us
purr is another contented call of the hen
purr is the most soothing and endearing sound our cats make
purr is an excellent record
purr is sure to give you the purr?fect birthday wish
purr is something like that
purr is the dial
purr is not a bad album
purr is interrupted when the cat breathes in
purr is feline
purr is fusa
purr is the most perfect purr they have ever heard
purr is asoft
purr is
purr is a widely asked question
purr is a bit of a mystery
purr is a soft call that has the rhythmic sound of a house cat purring
purr is similar in sound quality to the churr
purr is as loud as a jumbo jet taking off
purr is produced under differing emotions or physiological states
purr is not a cat
purr is for mild pleasure
purr is on a par with heavy machinery
purr is probably my favorite of this year’s introductions
purr is so loud and musical that it almost sounds as if he's chirruping
purr is to cat" "you can never look at a sleeping cat and feel tense" edited by
purr is easily distinguished from the low rasping yowl reserved for feline and canine intruders
purr is so loud you can hear it two rooms away
purr is how it ought to be
purr is the band's tightest sound yet
purr is out of asia and sambuca
purr is a nonprofit cat rescue organization providing adoption and relocation services for abandoned
purr is 54" tall; the medium purr
purr is made by dragging the striker slowly across the slate
purr is studying what his sister does he is very clever and oooh so sweet
purr is missing
purr is so cute
purr is a celebrity
purr is a compassionate and faithful memfur of ailurophilia
purr is its indication of appeasement to other cats or to people
purr is a low
purr is plotted in the figure below
purr is something which means nothing
purr is that the gene expression of the biosynthetic genes is repressed by purr when cells are grown in medium with purines
purr is the acronym for philanthropic union for the rescue
purr is intelligent
purr is still a mystery
purr is used when a bird is content
purr is an inquiring noise meaning what? questioning your actions
purr is distro'ing skint at scooter gigs as well
purr is a threat
purr is a partner in the consulting firm

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