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Googlism comments

raffy is the best
raffy is now offering
raffy is the
raffy is the company's director for marketing and quality assurance
raffy is 37 years old and was born with severe mental retardation
raffy is either sitting in front of a computer "surfing"
raffy is a gorgeous bay with extreme *raffles line breeding out of the selby and payne breeding programs
raffy is a certified bone densitometry technologist and a radiologic technologist
raffy is able to secure vanessa turnbill
raffy is a fairly shy indoor cat who could live quite happily with a doggy companion
raffy is a beautiful example of creativity and design
raffy is een klein huis met een capaciteit van 30 verzorgingsplaatsen
raffy is kiezen voor
raffy is one not prone to come out from his shell despite our prodding
raffy is still
raffy is asked what he has been doing as gship chair
raffy is in deze wijk ook een project gestart
raffy is very happy and fulfilled for making a dent in people’s lives at least through his show
raffy is a true greene
raffy is a great fan of the tellytubbies and is glued to the set
raffy is going and has been
raffy is an irish
raffy is a very fashionable person; he's definitely cheerful and possesses the attitude of a hyper person
raffy is a mbm from the asian institute of management
raffy is very grateful that they were all saved
raffy is convinced that if she makes a film about love
raffy is the student director that decides to finish making hot blooded
raffy is born of an armenian father and an italian mother
raffy is situated only 70 mts
raffy is still rolling
raffy is healthy
raffy is ook sprakeloos als het niet om een vrouw gaat
raffy is m'n tegenpool
raffy is renting a small home in the crowded area near his apartment for the church and uses his small apartment to help feed his squatter neighbor kids
raffy is 17 years old
raffy is oblivious to the fact that her best friend hester has a crush on her
raffy is a cfss
raffy is now working as associate pastor in a large church in manila
raffy is now thinking of accepting transferees once the deadline for the incoming students to be in school has lapsed
raffy is hawking viagra
raffy is in da house
raffy is right
raffy is moved look for jason hart to be the one brought up
raffy is currently the new business manager and senior account executive of inside 12x12
raffy is still on it
raffy is now a full
raffy is a very strong and aggressive player around the basket and will not let larger players deny him the opportunity to contribute
raffy is hitting
raffy is a big fan of soccer
raffy is he doesn't try to be somebody else
raffy is the best hitter in the game right now
raffy is one of the greatest pure hitters in the game
raffy is somehow convinced that bears are hybrids between the cat and dog families
raffy is
raffy is the babysitting grandma
raffy is a bit of a follower
raffy is ready for the field again
raffy is tagged out at third
raffy is situated only 70 m from the sea
raffy is drin
raffy is at oracle
raffy is standing next to his ss
raffy is getting up there in years
raffy is bilingual
raffy is a website that offers all kinds of brand name perfume products for men and women
raffy is a great player and he's the best shortstop in baseball right now
raffy is an exceptionally tall filipino
raffy is worth the $10 million a year range that he should be asking for
raffy is going to kill me if he finds out i put this up
raffy is hurt and so is greer and pitcher justin thompson
raffy is known as being good with the glove and his defensive numbers are consistent with that reputation
raffy is r
raffy is around for two more years
raffy is going to hit his
raffy is on third
raffy is a real gi
raffy is hot
raffy is only hitting
raffy is still a little raw
raffy is called by god elsewhere
raffy is zo weer online denk ik

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