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Googlism comments

ratso is a character in a comic i do called "punkšn head
ratso is as alluring as a rat with a grin and a joke; voight is as naīve as he is venally selfish
ratso is wearing shades because
ratso is that she would be a drop
ratso is extremely sick
ratso is the original american icon of homeless despair
ratso is always a mystery
ratso is the original no
ratso is
ratso is dying from it
ratso is the host along with the talented miss mia
ratso is firmly in the blues tradition of albert king and stevie ray vaughan
ratso is currently in the studio putting the finishing touches on the first cd from riff rat
ratso is hinted at
ratso is a horizontal presentation lure that imitates the insects that fish feed on day in
ratso is a man that has had is chance at life and failed
ratso is a crippled con artist who's also dying
ratso is his typical wisecracking cheapskate self
ratso is quiet
ratso is telling him that people are laughing behind his back
ratso is not
ratso is the second strongest team member
ratso is designed with an ultra
ratso is a swell fellow
ratso is one mean rodent dude
ratso is deathly ill with pneumonia and realizes that he must take care for his pathetic
ratso is street smart
ratso is a street
ratso is a feral skull
ratso is 'watson' to kinky's 'holmes' and is an expert on jesus and hitler
ratso is his key to the city
ratso is a horizontal jig
ratso is a dying junkie
ratso is tired
ratso is a bit lost by joe's escapade with the hooker
ratso is an alien from another planet
ratso is my favorite rap artist
ratso is one
ratso is still on the boat
ratso is a great name
ratso is also dying and yearns to see miami before he goes
ratso is somebody
ratso is pretending to retire this month
ratso is totally disgusting
ratso is just too cool for his own good
ratso is a boy who talks funny
ratso is his most brilliant characterisation ever
ratso is on the phone
ratso is cornering wakko
ratso is getting married this year and can't believe that either
ratso is a big hockey fan and even wrote a book about the rangers a few years ago
ratso is intelligent in suspecting problems
ratso is supposed to have the cds in time for the 12/27 switchblade show at club 9

Nickname ratso

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