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Googlism comments

rdd is a consortium based initiative to develop a rights data dictionary
rdd is to impair the ability of the on
rdd is significant are the ones
rdd is perceived in some quarters as a panacea for pure sampling
rdd is the only microwave interceptor manufactured and sold to police departments exclusively
rdd is the premiere systems engineering
rdd is a common
rdd is directly connected to each faculty or institute through investigation managements
rdd is intended for programmers who wish to create new applications or modify existing ca
rdd is well approximated by a gaussian
rdd is calculated from the frame mode data
rdd is the _only_ option for local rp> file access
rdd is the _only_ option for local > file access
rdd is loaded
rdd is organized jointly by peter r
rdd is really a lib file
rdd is divided into two parts
rdd is valid at 1
rdd is available separately for both ca
rdd is no longer officially supported
rdd is in ms word & paper format
rdd is also going to play a key role in helping to reduce the backlog in the satellite network filing process by assisting in the development of new and
rdd is a sex linked trait which is inherited on the z chromosome
rdd is the date
rdd is the only microwave interceptor manufactured and sold to law enforcement departments exclusively
rdd is moved away from the stationary rdd
rdd is routinely used in the gda system along with the 14 element bgo multiplicity filter
rdd is responsible for the construction & maintenance of 2642
rdd is the place for you
rdd is designed to scatter radioactive debris over a wide area
rdd is typically used in combination with table caching so that smaller tables are cached 100%
rdd is more complex and will be discussed in a later issue
rdd is totally solar
rdd is "the regression discontinuity design"
rdd is a terrorist weapon and iraq's motives are not the same as a terrorist
rdd is a seamless interface to
rdd is unknown
rdd is not the "mushroom cloud" catastrophic detonation
rdd is the
rdd is a consortium based initiative for the creation of a rights data dictionary
rdd is
rdd is the day of the year
rdd is tasked to
rdd is designed to automatically remove water from your pool cover and cannot be used as a continuous duty sump pump or fountain pump
rdd is contained in
rdd is an eagerness to assert other people's responsibility for one's own negative
rdd is not a nuclear bomb
rdd is considered to be semi
rdd is developping its web server
rdd is more than 7 days but less than 22 days at the time shipment is offered for
rdd is only included with the professional version
rdd is so versatile
rdd is responsible for the direction and implementation of the research programs of the institute
rdd is a good idea becauses it gives all households with telephone numbers a more or less equal chance of being included in the sample
rdd is not required
rdd is provided
rdd is that all telephone households can be reached
rdd is a company involved in the design and manufacture of electrical test equipment for the mod
rdd is designed to help developers do application reliability
rdd is an add on
rdd is the most popular form of rdd
rdd is random digit dialing copyright 2000
rdd is a device designed to spread radioactive material through the detonation of conventional explosives or other dispersal means
rdd is headquartered in portland
rdd is supplied with the rnase
rdd is in no sense a weapon of mass destruction
rdd is the foundation for a good rfp
rdd is to develop world
rdd is entered on the requisition as an adjustment from the sdd
rdd is the best way to get students thinking in an object orientation

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