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Googlism comments

ringi is a serious and formal way to force people to agree or disagree on policy
ringi is a multi step procedure for building consensus and often involved a complex set of negotiations through which a divergent view points are considered
ringi is not only a professor; he also
ringi is a decision making tool that tries to utilize the expertise and input of the whole organization
ringi is then handed over to all sections directly and indirectly involved in the proposed issue
ringi is/was not
ringi is scandanivian artist
ringi is unaffordably excellent wine "uns trennt das leben" is german and sorta hard to translate properly
ringi is necessary
ringi is the indian lady cathy works with in the children's home
ringi is wearing in both pictures are t
ringi is a multistep procedure for building con
ringi is both centralized and decentralized
ringi is the head
ringi is net bessa
ringi is elég szar

Nickname ringi

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