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Googlism comments

saker is a species of the falcon family
saker is not a gyr
saker is not bright
saker is a ferocious falcon and often attacks prey larger than itself
saker is caused by the regional extinction of their preferred prey
saker is using old tree nests of black kites
saker is popularly depicted in many aspects of eastern european culture
saker is most popular because it is well suited to desert hawking
saker is usually from this road
saker is just waiting for him to update
saker is in the main title screen
saker is held in high esteem and harvesting birds from the wild raises questions of conservation status and sustainability
saker is not the best falcon to fly in the uk as it has migratory instincts and it is easy to lose
saker is capable of great speed and power but much of the time it is content to hunt ground prey such as susliks and other small rodents
saker is an associate in the labor and employment practice group of akin gump strauss hauer & feld llp in washington
saker is a global equity analyst for international assets advisory corp
saker is not on the verge of extinction anymore
saker is not know as an obedient falcon and to fly one out of its precise flying weight is asking for trouble
saker is sold for as much as $200
saker is a class player and a fantastic competitor
saker is a right
saker is "ulu dogan"
saker is currently working on an official macro membership directory
saker is hurr
saker is a civil engineer and expert on the development of water resources
saker is a lot larger than the peregrine however it dose not fly as fast as the peregrine
saker is a hunting falcon
saker is on the planet surface below
saker is a partner with the stephenson harwood law firm in the city
saker is partnered with the volkswagen brand
saker is designed for people who enjoy driving for its sheer pleasure and is an example of the design axiom – ‘form follows function
saker is looking for help with his new robot
saker is a telekinetic who flies at enormous speeds and can "rake" as she passes by
saker is known as the consumate footer
saker is the marketplace in kashgar
saker is the kind of jew for whom birthright israel was created
saker is and how she's amazing and everything
saker is not currently an isag member
saker is said to be breeding nearby
saker is up to 7 or 800 feet on the third day"
saker is a courts reporter at the raleigh n&o; she gets a link because her page has all the required personal home page elements
saker is an asian bird
saker is professor of music and director of bands at the university of nebraska
saker is not dispositive as to this factor
saker is a primary esl project officer with the learning and teaching innovation division of the department of education
saker is at the pessimistic end of the spectrum
saker is likely to mean suicide
saker is a very widespread species
saker is possible to see with other more common raptors trying to catch a
saker is out to make himself a director
saker is half of winsak productions
saker is in limbe
saker is a lowest common dinominator
saker is the middle to long distance coach
saker is an associate in the private client department at that firm
saker is more heavily built
saker is related to peregrines
saker is head of stephenson harwood's large insolvency practice
saker is hurr and the peregrine is shaheen
saker is no spring chicken at 34
saker is entering his contessa for the portsmouth winter series and would like any volunteers
saker is
saker is establishing ar 9
saker is malone
saker is the biblical lazarus
saker is dead
saker is not around
saker is constructed from a lawn watering timer and has three lights
saker is having problems getting accustomed to a new room
saker is 100
saker is the result of dr
saker is going to be as spectacular as his older brother chardonnay
saker is equal with about 3700 usd
saker is finishing the season in some incredible form
saker is a surprisingly easy craft to fly
saker is 'why are the wings swept forward like that?'
saker is a financial counsellor for the salvation army in the western sydney suburb of parramatta
saker is tryin to sue the diner's club for libel
saker is accurate from roughly 1700 paces
saker is r
saker is flying at hares
saker is responsible for notifying the submitter and the local pursuivant in writing or electronically when a submission is returned at either the kingdom or
saker is an old military term for a small piece of artillery

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