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Googlism comments

sakic is anything but a regular joe
sakic is to blame for poor conditions in the concentration camp
sakic is to be extradited on tuesday
sakic is first in plus
sakic is considered a shoe
sakic is actually in yugoslavia or had visited there
sakic is the man he claims to be
sakic is going to be
sakic is a criminal
sakic is nhl's mvp
sakic is arriving as a perfect fit for franjo tudjman's policies
sakic is sure letting the world know who's boss
sakic is another remarkable hockey player as in the 2001 season he lead the leauge with his abliity to place the puck in the net
sakic is a very good player
sakic is neither shy nor incapable of extended discourse
sakic is his half sister and the wife of dinko sakic
sakic is a former commander of the jasenovac death camp which was operated in croatia by croatian ustachi
sakic is and i think we can all agree on that
sakic is the genuine
sakic is a possible vote
sakic is a lock to be named the nhl's regular
sakic is blessed in every area of skills
sakic is free
sakic is mobbed after scoring the game
sakic is widely acknowledged to be one of the most skilled players in the world
sakic is most productive when forsberg plays behind him as the second center—and forsberg is back
sakic is described by teammates as quiet and reserved
sakic is prosecuted as a
sakic is here — no there
sakic is firmly entrenched in the
sakic is always in the face
sakic is currently tied for second in the nhl scoring race with pittsburgh's alexei kovalev
sakic is just one example of the tricky tactics teams are using in an attempt to get the restricted free agents they want instead of
sakic is a gentleman
sakic is only one goal behind them
sakic is an mvp candidate; canucks searching for answers
sakic is expected to skate between brule and milan hejduk
sakic is up for three awards
sakic is the best player in this hockey league
sakic is third in the league in scoring this season with 67 points
sakic is always reminding the team of his previous successes
sakic is secure enough as well to not feel infringed upon or challenged when teammates
sakic is da man
sakic is the one who does not know what that "c" stands for on his jersey
sakic is a significant success
sakic is doing? thinking patrick roy might be past his prime?
sakic is with the avs
sakic is believed to be the last surviving concentration camp commander from the world war ii period
sakic is one of the best hockey players today
sakic is a scoring threat every time he is on the ice because he can craft a dangerous scoring chance out of a situation that looks innocent
sakic is center
sakic is 4
sakic is having one of the greatest seasons of his hall of fame
sakic is the captain and has more pure offensive ability
sakic is again defining his value in colorado
sakic is playing
sakic is healthy
sakic is fourth in the nhl in assists
sakic is the best player in the nhl today
sakic is among the best
sakic is no longer playing with mario lemieux
sakic is an excellent player
sakic is villant egyet a hajrában
sakic is a two
sakic is secretary
sakic is one of the best offensive centres in hockey and if there's one thing the leafs need more than anything it is another sniper who gives the team more
sakic is a wet towel he's
sakic is the fourth player to captain his team to the stanley cup and win the hart in the same year
sakic is a quiet guy
sakic is now more interested in his freedom
sakic is a true canadian hero for his selflessness
sakic is 17 goals away from 500 for his career
sakic is a finalist for the hart
sakic is a finalist for three awards
sakic is autonomous player with limitations
sakic is at the prison hospital at the moment due to some health problems
sakic is expected to be extradited to croatia at the end of
sakic is everybody's mvp
sakic is on the block and can be had by the deadline
sakic is a group ii restricted free agent
sakic is tied for second in the league in goals behind pittsburgh's alexei kovalev
sakic is featured on the cover
sakic is that he
sakic is back at 100%
sakic is one of the best players in the nhl today
sakic is echter geen voetballer
sakic is as capable of scoring goals as he is making a great play
sakic is a professional hockey player who plays for the colorado avalanche
sakic is known for how fast he is
sakic is awesome
sakic is 33
sakic is playing with an injured shoulder and
sakic is heating up
sakic is now not scoring

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