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Googlism comments

sent is read
sent is dated in the future
sent is spam
sent is spam by olaf jüptner
sent is a natural choice for many holidaymakers
sent is less than the sender
sent is specified by sig and is either zero or one of the values listed in signal
sent is dated in the future thread73
sent is one of the best smelling perfumes on the market
sent is a lovely angel is dressed in a gown of shimmery white organza which has been gathered and adorned with gold accents
sent is the least significant byte
sent is running
sent is marked as unread? 6
sent is specified by sig and is either one from the list given in signal
sent is set to rcv
sent is the difference between the current and previous values
sent is in valid format and meets any syntax requirements
sent is present
sent is specified by pid
sent is true the program will tell the user that the mail has been sent
sent is valid
sent is overlaid on the previously sent device data
sent is wrong or the user name and/or the password are wrong
sent is equal to 104 if the message size is lower than 105 bytes
sent is equal to 105 if the message size is lower than 512 bytes
sent is the most
sent is registered with the writer's guild of america
sent is £250 / $400
sent is the fourth in rochelle alers' in the saga of the african
sent is only 303
sent is directed at a specific player and every received message is directed at a specific local player
sent is visible to everybody
sent is legal or the parameter does not exist
sent is counterfeit
sent is a reply to another email message
sent is there any
sent is
sent is the sync byte
sent is a ministry of cornerstone chapel
sent is omd is larger than 6
sent is selected
sent is w + e 4 = 01000 01010 01000
sent is if the mutually suspicious exchange had already been initiated and an incorrect message was received
sent is "t"
sent is a ministry for god
sent is configured via the trap
sent is %s"
sent is your program for parsing a sentence read from the current input stream
sent is retained
sent is below
sent is anonymized
sent isv3trap
sent is a result of a previously rejected/error lsr
sent is accepted
sent is charged 30 fils
sent is a person who consciously creates his music to make a
sent is term
sent is symmetrically encrypted with a randomly generated session key
sent is a clearly written
sent is the postal address that prizes will be sent to if you win
sent is mourn
sent is a contemporary christian vocal group based in virginia
sent is copied into the research
sent is 1
sent is "framed"
sent is binary
sent is stopped if and only if tostop is true
sent is the actual image? what part or parts of the image sent is for reference only? is
sent is not considered spam
sent is an apt title for this one if by heaven you mean the version that is portrayed on touched by an angel
sent is properly delivered
sent is a message from station 1 to station 5
sent is specified by sig and is either one from the list given in <signal
sent is of a lesser cost a refund will be paid to the customer
sent is an implementation detail or application specific
sent is 26
sent is provided by you
sent is specified by sig and is either 0 or one of the values listed in signal
sent is a shared
sent is equal to or greater than max bombs allowed then set "bombs sent temp
sent is in violation
sent is n
sent is defective
sent is too large
sent is almost always the day of highest traffic to the web site

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