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Googlism comments

shinji is god?
shinji is god?????
shinji is picked up misato during a
shinji is god? ???g???lostup
shinji is a hero
shinji is alive
shinji is cryingin forrest because he cannot see his mother
shinji is an 'angel'
shinji is told that there is a crisis at hand
shinji is called to tokyo
shinji is beaten unconscious in his first sortie
shinji is also the son of nerv's supreme commander
shinji is unconscious for the second time today
shinji is busy reading a nerv indtroduction manual
shinji is almost caught in the battle but is luckily saved by the untimely late misato
shinji is feeling sorry for himself
shinji is the only one whose face we see
shinji is the protagonist of shinseiki evangelion
shinji is the main character in shin seiki
shinji is non
shinji is called to the nerv hq by his father who he hasn't seen for ten years
shinji is being tortured by the beam from the 5th angel but he manages to return to the nerv hangar where he is taken to receive medical care
shinji is in danger
shinji is a junior highschool student now
shinji is twisted inward
shinji is introspective
shinji is a psychologist's wet dream
shinji is transferred to a tokyo 3 high school and finds it to be an even more challenging trial for him
shinji is the seventh largest lake in japan
shinji is our story's hero and main character
shinji is going through
shinji is here because he was summoned by his father
shinji is his mother's son
shinji is
shinji is 3rd because his link to his mom and no training
shinji is confronted with that possible future when he ends up in the middle of a destructive conflict between the japanese military
shinji is in
shinji is dispatched into pursuit
shinji is plagued by insecurities
shinji is the third child and is the pilot of evangelion unit
shinji is my given name; a family name is placed before a given name in japan
shinji is forced to plumb the depths of his own inner resources for the courage and
shinji is a simple wimp
shinji is wounded in a battle and develops amnesia
shinji is the main character in the anime series neon genesis evangelion
shinji is the son of gendou
shinji is gendou's son
shinji is the most talented player i have seen
shinji is an experimental server which is part of the seele project and is run for students by students
shinji is picked up misato during a state of emergency for the kento region
shinji is 4 years old and extremely happy to be with his mother
shinji is still enjoying himself but doesn't have the grin
shinji is filled with self
shinji is an overly sensitive boy
shinji is alone in his "lovely sweet" remembering the battle with the angel
shinji is now getting along a lot better in tokyo
shinji is the famous third child
shinji is discoverd to be the pilot of unit 01
shinji is picked up by capt
shinji is a normal boy who has a self
shinji is quite unstable
shinji is forced to fight once again
shinji is tired april 26
shinji is the "hero" of the eva saga
shinji is simply used to doing what he's told
shinji is captured in a pocket dimension by an angel
shinji is constantly
shinji is brought into some underground city to be recruited as a pilot of some sort
shinji is one of the most psychologically torn characters in all of anime
shinji is forced to think
shinji isn't the bravest kid around
shinji is a rather subdued 14
shinji is changing
shinji is choosen to pilot what is known as an evangelion
shinji is one of the twelve 'stone carriers' from kinyoumi
shinji is unhappy because kaworu has died
shinji is given unit 01
shinji is absorbed into an angel and starts having hallucinations
shinji is standing over asuka's bed praying that she snap out of it
shinji is the son of ikari gendo
shinji is a fourteen
shinji is a lot of fun because he's so popular" and "shinji is terrible because everyone keeps following you to reduce their stress" were the two opposed
shinji is asked to stop it with eva 01
shinji is the third child
shinji is waiting for a lift to nerv from misado
shinji is a shy boy and not very confident
shinji is one of the main characters of this tail
shinji is based on anno's state during his years of depression
shinji is a professional soccer player
shinji is the
shinji is reluctant at first

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