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Googlism comments

shrewd is keen to detect errors
shrewd is convinced that faith is real
shrewd is the key to the story
shrewd is killed by the ambitious prince regal
shrewd is the industry leader when it comes to scopes and stabilizers for the perfectionist 3d archer
shrewd is the more likely answer
shrewd is the one that has seen the calamity and proceeds to conceal
shrewd is the one that has seen the calamity and proceeds to conceal himself
shrewd is an ambiguous term
shrewd is dead at the hands of his son regal
shrewd is it to have a clause put in your 3
shrewd is dead at the
shrewd is considered an asset in today's business world… and jacob turned out to be quite the successful business man
shrewd is generally thought of in negative terms—someone who’s perhaps a bit shady or slippery in their dealings
shrewd is the mannerism of talog
shrewd is sick and unable to do anything and fitz is a boy making decisions about man
shrewd is the creator
shrewd is being slowing wasted
shrewd is kaplan's advice?
shrewd is perfectly capable of killing his eldest son if he thought the kingdom would benefit by it
shrewd is our bird; not easy to outwit him
shrewd is that it positions ad as a clearinghouse for existing network directory services
shrewd is your stewardship?" scripture
shrewd is your stewardship?"
shrewd is robin? 9
shrewd is apt
shrewd is that it means "wicked
shrewd is not the same as smart
shrewd is mike bitesize
shrewd is not the half of it
shrewd is to be practical and sharp rather than idealistic
shrewd is not my invention
shrewd is russianizations doing
shrewd is able to
shrewd is okay types of arenas you fight in
shrewd is the word i’d use
shrewd is a vice
shrewd is satan
shrewd is the method the three amigos wanted to arrive at their objectives
shrewd is about the highest compliment a man can give in country australia
shrewd is 45 years of age
shrewd is by being "balanced"
shrewd is the "big
shrewd is not good
shrewd is better off even than an old king
shrewd is to understand his way
shrewd is the prude that banks on the innocent fool
shrewd is the glance of the type of men commonly called bad but clever? they have
shrewd is a king
shrewd is 'concentrated self
shrewd is good only if it serves the true master
shrewd is the working woman's blues
shrewd is often looked at as an undesirable characteristic for a christian
shrewd is arguable
shrewd is the wind this morning
shrewd is an adjective

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