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Googlism comments

shuffle is inconvenient
shuffle is aces for avs
shuffle is expected to bring 13 changes to list
shuffle is ludicrous
shuffle is there any hope? by si and connie dunn attention
shuffle is expected to bring 13 changes to list of stocks by k aren t alley dow jones newswires this year's shift in the
shuffle is ludicrous idea
shuffle is just oh so simply silly and fun
shuffle is another fun board game
shuffle is not free
shuffle is a promised gift to the whitney from leonard a
shuffle is a bland
shuffle is for workers
shuffle is endorsed by creative imaginations
shuffle is when the deck is divided into two halves and riffled together
shuffle is actually the original shuffle offense designed by bruce drake of the university of oklahoma in the 1950's
shuffle is such a team oriented offense helps us in that a player is not put in a position that he
shuffle is done in situ
shuffle is done from the bottom of each stack on up
shuffle is that 10 of the new provincial secretaries are leading figures in municipal politics
shuffle is all about
shuffle is the hurried walk of a guy who just had his hair cut and is aware that half of his hair is plastered to his skull while the other half is
shuffle is?
shuffle is designed for the picture format bmp with 24 bits color depth
shuffle is on the cd
shuffle is the ultimate false riffle shuffle
shuffle is sega's attempt
shuffle is a motion offense designed to isolate the 1 and 5 men as shooters and 2
shuffle is endorsed by the international shuffleboard association
shuffle is a blast to play
shuffle is a weekly lottery program within the clerkship scheduling program
shuffle is also very useful
shuffle is a simple but challenging little puzzle
shuffle is one in which the top card stays on top
shuffle is modeled by cutting the deck binomially and dropping cards one
shuffle is a magnificent example of the use of chance or
shuffle is a randomized program that includes the generation of waiting lists
shuffle is easier to master
shuffle is done in the following way
shuffle is for deck uniformity
shuffle is a party game
shuffle is particular to shoe games
shuffle is on the list of business tax "loopholes" targeted by gov
shuffle is a very effective way to shuffle a deck of cards while still keeping control of a key card
shuffle is a local night that was started out in 2001
shuffle is october 19 th we will be having our annual shuffle at chisholm park in hurst
shuffle is a proven 'free' community based book exchange
shuffle is a beat that requires both hands to play together at the same time
shuffle is a great 5 minute song
shuffle is sega's attempt to enter the "party game" genre
shuffle is played as a chord fragment on two bass strings
shuffle is a health promotion event
shuffle is performed as follows
shuffle is another name for triple two
shuffle is a subtle masterpiece
shuffle is based heavily upon the concept of mario party and does little to either distance itself from that game
shuffle is simply continuous slam throws
shuffle is an interleaving that contains the first line from input file 1
shuffle is a rearrangement of the elements in an ordered list
shuffle is a more realistic shuffle since it approximates more closely actual casino conditions
shuffle is a quick down beat with your toe
shuffle is comprised of 10
shuffle is the most commonly used blues beat
shuffle is one where the pack is split into two equal hands
shuffle is a classic and com
shuffle is a coordinate permutation with the property that it creates a path from each of the 2 d "2
shuffle is the any way and demand that every coach should use it
shuffle is restricted
shuffle is the ultimate false
shuffle is a blast
shuffle is proud to represent the society as their 2002 international seniors quartet champions
shuffle is slightly wasteful of space
shuffle is very subtle
shuffle is a simple but very challenging puzzle
shuffle is that thing
shuffle is burly bear network's new magazine
shuffle is designed in clipper program language
shuffle is how downright awful the gameplay is
shuffle is a cool sliding puzzle type game for the dreamcast
shuffle is a program that moves tapes between slots and tape drives in an automated tape library unit
shuffle is a collection of 'songs for children and the young at heart'
shuffle is a bit less time
shuffle is not actually a card game
shuffle is a good title for younger players
shuffle is a brilliant and eclectic tapestry of american folk music drawn from the hearts of the men who work in the depths to bring coal out of
shuffle is a game that requires quick eye movement and skill
shuffle is the step in this
shuffle is led by queen mary and has already introduced new concepts of negotiation between service providers

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