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Googlism comments

sonam is from the village of lingshed
sonam is the 1
sonam is great and he really knows his stuff
sonam is the young girl who narrates the story of her escape from tibet
sonam is an actor
sonam is also a photographer
sonam is the first one to go to college
sonam is the 7th child
sonam is a die
sonam is tall
sonam is lama tharchin rinpoche?s trusted dharma brother of many years
sonam is well known to most of us who live at pema osel ling
sonam is in a room with the dalai lama
sonam is finishing up a masters in sustainable international development at brandeis university
sonam is md of thamserku trekking and chairman of yeti airlines
sonam is 30 years old
sonam is growing up in a more accepting environment
sonam is often invited to give talks on healthcare at high altitudes by the itbf and other organisations
sonam is working on his first feature film in tibetan
sonam is drawing from the fund
sonam is once again on the streets of downtown delhi
sonam is most knowledgeable on travel to tibet and in the past he has helped us with coordinating the pilgrimage to tibet
sonam is aware of the importance leaders attach to women traffic police
sonam is a traditional singer and storyteller who teaches the traditions of kongpo to younger generations
sonam is the tibetan cultural center's only resident monk
sonam is helpful in all aspects of bike touring
sonam is the "dharma" name given to me when i took buddhist "refuge vows" back in 1994
sonam is my house
sonam is the son of the late
sonam is a tall
sonam is a filmmaker by trade
sonam is zelfs bang dat de slecht ter been zijnde lama de volbrenging van zijn initiatief niet eens meer mee zal maken
sonam is currently a junior at the school of engineering and applied science at columbia university
sonam is a daughter of the yabshi phunkhang family in lhasa
sonam is one of many young tibetans struggling to make ends meet in a žnew tibetÓ which china claims is enjoying higher income and living
sonam is passionate about learning and teaching
sonam is
sonam is going to be giving a teaching at the open secret book store on monday
sonam is a popular place that is falling apart
sonam is my old friend and would like to see his pictures put up in large size on the main page
sonam is overseeing a feast of meat
sonam is enjoying the exhilarating feeling of bossing around men twice his size and getting paid for it ? he calls it basketball refereeing
sonam is the name of a boy lingis met while in bhutan
sonam is our expedition leader
sonam is the son of the late lhamo tsering
sonam is somebody else
sonam is pregnant
sonam is working on his first feature film in tibetan top of page
sonam is average
sonam is wasted
sonam is not keen to take on more work despite offers pouring in by the dozen
sonam is a professional in every way awaiting a better deal in a dark corner in one of phuentsholing's popular bars
sonam is very good and really these songs and dances are a sort of fashion parade
sonam is ongewoon op tijd
sonam is a board member of dalai lama in australia
sonam is typical of a new generation of disaffected tibetan youth
sonam is our best friend
sonam is an opera singer
sonam is phurba?s father and was brought out to australia in 1996 by a group of doctors for a knee
sonam is married to our cook ong chu's sister
sonam is in poor health and travel to tibet is very difficult for her
sonam is a tiger
sonam is the sera lachi van driver
sonam is a local tibetan who came into camp looking for work
sonam is the source of counselor troi's condition? data unquestionably
sonam is about 24 years old
sonam is to organize our horses
sonam is a happy child
sonam is still happy with her job here
sonam is really going to kill me now
sonam is serving a life sentence for his involvement in a 1988 riot which led to the death of a policeman
sonam is known for his proficiency with the slide
sonam is "the fortunate one"
sonam is a mj fan in canada

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