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Googlism comments

spuffy is not a quality guy
spuffy is scarrier to me than the relationship of the same name to b/a shippers
spuffy is
spuffy is not only a bad 'ship
spuffy is devoted to spike and buffy
spuffy is all things spike and buffy
spuffy is never gonna work out
spuffy is a dog
spuffy is the bastard child of buffy and spike
spuffy is not gone no matter how made rapist insentive essays you might write *eg* spike/buffy are so hot at this moment i have devised a few things that anti
spuffy is certainly not my complaint
spuffy is nasty evil stuff and it gives me hives
spuffy is the 'ship for moi
spuffy is back
spuffy is bad and why b/a is not so bad
spuffy is such a huge part of this season
spuffy is mostly what buffy fic is
spuffy is the real question
spuffy is the best ?shippy
spuffy is anything to
spuffy is dead and buried
spuffy is dead
spuffy is not occurring

Nickname spuffy

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