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Googlism comments

srand is to use the function time
srand is only called once / page load
srand is first called
srand is not called
srand is a subfunction of expr
srand is the previous seed
srand is used once
srand is called it will use the number passed to it to seed a set of random numbers
srand is called to initialize the random ** number generator
srand is
srand is void srand
srand is also in stdlib
srand is used to initialize the random number generator with any integer
srand is seeded the rand
srand is called srnd
srand is indeed called first
srand is called***** srnd
srand is called only once
srand is seeded with the process id and the time so that it will generate random numbers
srand is then called with the same seed value
srand is wrapped up as an
srand is called in setbirthday with same seed each execution
srand is called automatically
srand is equivalent to calling irand or rand with a new seed
srand is called with unix time function as its seed
srand is invoked
srand is any positive integer
srand is not called before the first call to rand

Nickname srand

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