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Googlism comments

taggy is a hardware device prototype that implements esquirt and beacon receiver functionality in a key fob sized package
taggy is caught
taggy is a small personal device the size of a key fob which simply acquires beacons and 'squirts' them back out
taggy is going to bed
taggy is a tagalong dragon
taggy is a 64x128 pixel bitmap with a fixed 256
taggy is a tiny personal device
taggy is er
taggy is just one of the many answers
taggy is trying to make friends
taggy is a billboard tool
taggy is expected to hit the us markets shortly
taggy is listening to music in his car when he has to suddenly help wancramp and pumpernickel escape the terminator
taggy is a god
taggy is a ra 2
taggy is up again
taggy is the first horse at wisha* to earn the eea approvals

Nickname taggy

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