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Googlism comments

tahj is a different kind of player
tahj is that he hasn't been real physical
tahj is our steady inside guy
tahj is very smart
tahj is so big
tahj is beyond his years and
tahj is done making the
tahj is on the map
tahj is helping kick off national poetry month in los angeles on april 1
tahj is going to put them in alphabetical order
tahj is also an accomplished dancer
tahj is he's gotten physical
tahj is the son of debbie holden
tahj is a very tough
tahj is amazing from behind the line
tahj is the best outside shooter on this team and i look for him to be a key member of next year's team
tahj is an interesting player
tahj is a cute little standard/dwarf mix
tahj is my idol
tahj is very talented and i dont really care what anybody has to say about it
tahj is better than average
tahj is a black bay arabian colt
tahj is staying for a few days
tahj is the only one who gets it
tahj is making his rounds
tahj is ranked number 262 and has played for 3h39m in 14 days
tahj is just like a speeding ticket

Nickname tahj

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