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Googlism comments

ukyou is cuter than > nene
ukyou is a cute girl with long black hair held back with a black ribbon and has a pretty face with large eyes
ukyou is evil
ukyou is first seen in the series coming out of nowhere
ukyou is one of the unlucky girls that ranma's father promised that he would marry when she grew older
ukyou is a
ukyou is that when ranma "dumped" her at age six
ukyou is yet another one of ranma's fiancees
ukyou is loved by
ukyou is done by tsuru hiromi
ukyou is the one doing the comforting
ukyou is right for him
ukyou is finally able to taste the okonomiyaki sauce recipe that is supposed to age ten years
ukyou is "engaged" to the female ranma
ukyou is d
ukyou is yet another of ranma's many fiancées
ukyou is sakyou's younger brother
ukyou is my soul mate
ukyou is the best fiancee
ukyou is orphaned by the death of her father
ukyou is not dead
ukyou is hunger
ukyou is beating up >kodachi and wraps her arm around her neck
ukyou is constantly standing up for ranma and so on
ukyou is
ukyou is not a person with a terribly strong central identity
ukyou is my favorite charcter
ukyou is kidnapped by an evil sorcerer
ukyou is another of ranma's fiancée
ukyou is able to fire another shot
ukyou is a girl
ukyou is way too saintly
ukyou is forced to come to grips with the reality of her relationship with ranma
ukyou is sitting in for akane during a bathroom break as a customer walks in
ukyou is a dedicated chef
ukyou is the owner of a small okonomiyaki place called ucchans
ukyou is showing her eternal faithfulness to ranma by getting engaged to everything on two legs?
ukyou is completely out of character in that hideous body suit thing she wears in this installment
ukyou is just as
ukyou is ok
ukyou is nearby to help ranma stand up
ukyou is none other than ryoga hibiki
ukyou is the first friend ranma had in his hole life
ukyou is one ugly ho~
ukyou is back with the band
ukyou is staring out the window
ukyou is now standing directly behind me
ukyou is making okonomiyaki
ukyou is envisionning her possible future with ranma and says that by going through hardship together
ukyou is on her way
ukyou is the one who is overpossesive about ranma
ukyou is a great okonomiyaki cook
ukyou is wondering the same thing
ukyou is also ranma's fiancee
ukyou is not in that town
ukyou is underapprecaited
ukyou is just perfect
ukyou is another one of ranma's fiancee's
ukyou is cooking an okonomiaki for "ryouga" "ryouga" picks up a glass of water and examines "his" reflection in it
ukyou is seen hiding under a window
ukyou is a boy
ukyou is a lively
ukyou is famous for her ability to cook okonomiyaki
ukyou is a better choice than shampoo
ukyou is right behind them
ukyou is not crippled for life
ukyou is chosen as a possible video girl
ukyou is a kewl character
ukyou is openly infatuated with jin hinting at possible homosexuality and claims to be a female inside
ukyou is such a romantic
ukyou is so easy to beat
ukyou is glaring at ranma
ukyou is dressing like a girl? masn
ukyou is the right woman for ranma instead of akane
ukyou is a cook who runs the somewhat unsuccessful ucchan's store in the nerima district
ukyou is trying to perfect her family's secret okonomiyaki sauce
ukyou is one of the best manga/nude hentai anime women
ukyou is a boy's name
ukyou is the heir to the school of anything goes martials arts and she is the one that goes on the training trip instead of ranma
ukyou is the "nicest" of ranma's suitors
ukyou is an accomplished martial artist
ukyou is from kansai and speaks a dialect
ukyou is such a good cook and she write on the okiyaki and everything
ukyou is there to help you if you ever need it
ukyou is a much better
ukyou is ranma?s fiancée too
ukyou is confused about ranma
ukyou is mad at ranko for the past
ukyou is staying? ukyou
ukyou is gaping at her and ruka blushes and averts her eyes

Nickname ukyou

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