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Googlism comments

vassilis is more or less a nice guy
vassilis is like taking a culinary adventure to the greek isle
vassilis is running = maria is beautiful = i am angelos = god is love accusative is used whenever the noun is the object
vassilis is beautiful
vassilis is ready to offer you what you long for
vassilis is rigged to be easily handled by two people
vassilis is a nice middle class house in a small but very nice garden with flowers
vassilis is optimistic
vassilis is running Η Μαρία είναι όμορφη = maria is beautiful Είμαι ο ’γγελος = i am
vassilis is the founder and chairperson of the association for the study of southern europe and the balkans and the editor of the journal of southern europe
vassilis is a doctor in serg
vassilis is now part of paros' folklore
vassilis is teaching greek dancing and is organizing seminars about "chorodrama"
vassilis is generous enough to share that information with us
vassilis is a master in hierarchical teaching
vassilis is still actively involved in
vassilis is located in a quiet area
vassilis is believed to have carried out the killing of saunders together with his brother savas
vassilis is two years younger than me
vassilis is ready to submit his thesis and he recently got a job with strategic decisions group
vassilis is a wonderful volunteer and has contributed to the success and improvement of the quality of greek tv
vassilis is from patras
vassilis is pursuing a doctoral degree in marketing at the uo
vassilis is a fun guy to be with
vassilis is a new driver from grevena
vassilis is very gentle
vassilis is still busy programming the interface
vassilis is attending a regular lyceum in greece and is one of the top students there
vassilis is the first boat to sail out of vathi but there is no wind so we begin motoring to leros
vassilis is
vassilis is getting a copy of this report
vassilis is a qualified marine engineer and from 1961 to 1968 gained invaluable sea
vassilis is a young
vassilis is the one who will make your experience here unforgettable
vassilis is one of the top greek mathematicians and currently is a professor in the department of mathematics at the u
vassilis is responsible for all things having to do with the darkroom
vassilis is a genuinely nice guy but a bit pompous
vassilis is from greece
vassilis is studying the limits to wind energy generation for the electricity supply system in crete
vassilis is ahead of giorgos
vassilis is frying eggs
vassilis is said to have admitted killing uk defence attache brigadier stephen saunders in june
vassilis is now known as raiden_
vassilis is at the rear
vassilis is planning a huge update to his website
vassilis is replying to this message

Nickname vassilis

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