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Googlism comments

vhf is gone
vhf is a wonderful unit
vhf is suspected
vhf isolation precautions as soon as vhf is suspected
vhf is used in addition to uhf
vhf is often the best form of communication for a tender
vhf is
vhf is an acronym for very high frequency
vhf is for marine safety
vhf is not bothered by skip
vhf is the new generation of vhf equipment
vhf is the new generation of vhf equipment ­ developed for powerboat owners
vhf is the result of the latest chip technology
vhf is uncommon in the united states
vhf is the international maritime distress
vhf is the smallest on the market
vhf is a ruggedly built
vhf is supportive
vhf is constantly on at hotels
vhf is a necessary part of today's boating world
vhf is more likely to get wet
vhf is a quarterly magazine dedicated to “ham radio above 50 mhz
vhf is better for commercial operators
vhf is generally more suited for large rural areas
vhf is a earpiece which fits comfortable and perfectly hidden into the ear canal
vhf is also very much an international school
vhf is your cheapest option
vhf is manufactured and distributed by revolver usa
vhf is distributed as shareware
vhf is only being shipped to us mailing addresses
vhf is monitored 24
vhf is probably the most widely fitted in europe
vhf is not recommended at
vhf is considered a likely
vhf is a highly infectious
vhf is neutral +
vhf is the way to go when it comes to moutainous terrain compared to uhf
vhf is the best way of summoning help
vhf is a line
vhf is arguably the most valuable piece of safety gear aboard
vhf is the smallest totally waterproof vhf radio of its kind
vhf is my main interest
vhf is from 156 mhz to 163 mhz
vhf is a knowledge based organization
vhf is an abbreviation for very high frequency
vhf is continuously and automatically uploaded with the current position
vhf is back ***new***form for inscription or update
vhf is "pan
vhf is really a massive "party line"
vhf is not your typical indicator that gives you buy and sell signals; what the vhf does is help you decide which indicators to apply
vhf is both an attention getting and a location marking signalling device
vhf is also called band 3; low band vhf is also called band 1
vhf is called band 3; low band vhf is called band 1
vhf is the most convenient way of short
vhf is in the living room and the whole
vhf is a minimum of two days without fever and a total of 21 days from onset of illness
vhf is made by laboratory tests that look for the germ in various specimens such as blood and spinal fluid
vhf is a combined gps/vhf mobile antenna that is designed to simplify the need for an avl or fleet management
vhf is mounted at the nav station and can be taken ashore by one of us to keep in touch with the other on the boat or carried in the dinghy
vhf is battery management
vhf is a conveniently small set
vhf is shown abowe
vhf is the first choice in the terminal area
vhf is provided by the solid
vhf is in more use tropo will obviously be much more easily noticed
vhf is where you find the most amazing things
vhf is not for chit
vhf is small enough
vhf is different
vhf is rising
vhf is a true nb fm receiver
vhf is split into three bands
vhf is most typical for point to point communications
vhf is more convenient than hf because the radios are smaller and lighter
vhf is then calculated by dividing the previously defined numerator by the denominator
vhf is a difficult challenge which asks for operator's skills and deep knowledge of the propagation modes
vhf is used to provide voice and automated distress alerting via digital selective calling
vhf is far more susceptible to interference than uhf
vhf is involved in a variety of research and interpretation projects that promote awareness and conservation of victoria's heritage homes and residential
vhf is here to give you ideas and strategies for optimal results
vhf is intended to be used on boats
vhf is essentially "line of sight
vhf is a vexed and expensive one
vhf is connected to a gps or loran
vhf is a hand held
vhf is fitted
vhf is that it was the first erstwhile release —

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