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Googlism comments

vms is alive
vms is an industry
vms is like a nightmare about rxs
vms is going away
vms is — here
vms is alive vms is an industry vms is — here vms is dead? dont bet on it vms is a
vms is dead? dont bet on it
vms is a project to build a openvms look
vms is — here’s how
vms is the first practical means of collecting and using such information about all vessels
vms is getting it to save the vms file
vms is concerned
vms is a port of andrew tridgell's samba package
vms is the most up to date?
vms is now available
vms is currently openvms
vms is located in the
vms is a vehicle maintenance system specially designed for hgv and psv operators running vehicle fleets that are subject to vehicle
vms is not dos
vms is used extensively for polling in
vms is provide default
vms is pleased to announce that
vms is very stable
vms is a comprehensive groundwater flow and contaminant transport modeling system
vms is a next
vms is obviously one of the supported platforms
vms is to provide reports of the location of a vessel at regular intervals
vms is either "~" or "%"
vms is available for 7 pound notebook computers
vms is bound to an ip
vms is a proprietary operating system written by digital equipment corporation and supported only on digital's vax and alpha processors
vms is an electronic tool installed on a vessel that can transmit global positioning system information on a real
vms is used for this training since it can simulate the approach and landing with accurate cues to the pilot
vms is the entry and clearance of all commercial vessels into and out of us ports
vms is alligned with market leaders to provide the breadth and depth of services you want and need
vms is a completely scaleable navigational tool
vms is an operating system that started out on digital equipment corporations first produced systems such as the pdp
vms is adept at handling mission
vms is turned on
vms is an accredited private school through the kentucky state board of education
vms is now located on 10 acres of farm land in woodford county
vms is based on the feedback and workflow of our nearly 10
vms is not a telecommunications service as defined by sdcl 49
vms is not set
vms is being recognized worldwide for our services
vms is a codebase for creating winamp 2
vms is an operating system develped by digital equipment corporation
vms is an command line os that requires you to
vms is a memory card with a built
vms is a very stable operating system
vms is the alternate operating system against unix
vms is ingezet of de
vms is an attempt to write a basic astrological/medical almanac
vms is still far superior in many ways to modern operating systems on pcs
vms is an information system with all the headaches these types of systems may lead to in terms of maintenance
vms is a computer operating system available through the oklahoma state university computing and information servcies
vms is supported by a satellite communications system operated by inmarsat through a system of four geostationary satellites
vms is a core technology in valiano
vms is profitable
vms is not at all different
vms is actually a tiny personal digital assistant
vms is still alive and kicking
vms is responsible for matching appropriate mentors and entrepreneurs
vms is also run on the alpha platform
vms is not required to conduct compatibility testing for each provider or vendor who elects to use the version 4010 270/271
vms is currently in the process of implementing an ivr
vms is a mature
vms is a little less than 300 pages long
vms is tightly integrated to the fbs
vms is has performed a detailed dimensional analysis of the build process of the new fa
vms is digitally linked
vms is that you can not
vms is the next phase of the cisco ids management saga
vms is intra
vms is that it's all there
vms is scheduled to expire december 31
vms is to assure the enterprise's long
vms is one of the most secure operating systems on the market
vms is distributed with a set of include files that is sufficient to compile most general purpose programs
vms is a range of modular networking software products that provides comprehensive tcp/ip standard networking services for vax/vms
vms is to help determine vessel compliance with closed areas
vms is an enterprise management solution suite that provides a comprehensive solution for vpn and security management
vms is included in this posting
vms is formatted

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