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Googlism comments

vvvv is a toolkit for real
vvvv is the input which shall be connected to the chosen output
vvvv is the vehicle definition's code
vvvv is a value
vvvv is a command value in a form of four hexadecimal digits
vvvv is the number of the printed zentralblatt math volume where this item has appeared
vvvv is the clients version number
vvvv is the linux version; the version number can be seen by /bin/uname
vvvv is the volume
vvvv is any other
vvvv is naar furtwangen gegaan voor de reaktie van p
vvvv is a 4 character number designating the capacitance value at the high end of the range
vvvv is ld because there are non
vvvv is vendorid
vvvv is the vendor id
vvvv is a vendor id
vvvv is the value of the dynamic parameter and tttt is the server time
vvvv is the value
vvvv is a 4
vvvv is 7000
vvvv is a four
vvvv is een vereniging met meer dan 5000 leden
vvvv is the linux version
vvvv is the subsystem vendor id and dddd is the subsystem device id
vvvv is the value which the metric is to be tested against
vvvv is the version
vvvv is the version number
vvvv is the forecast prevailing visibility in meters
vvvv is it true
vvvv is the new
vvvv is is is is
vvvv is any dollar
vvvv is the value read or written
vvvv is the vendor id in hexadecimal
vvvv is the vendor id of the pci device;
vvvv is the assigned usb vendor id
vvvv is the key version consisting of four digits
vvvv is about mid next year
vvvv is the volume #; m is a qualifier
vvvv is also linearly
vvvv is the four
vvvv is the four digit number and finally by spacecraft
vvvv is the name of the netware volume that represents the mounted cdrom
vvvv is for very
vvvv is the data version number
vvvv is for volume the male songbird's brain during mating season is much larger than the female
vvvv is the prevailing visibility in meters
vvvv is the constant
vvvv is partial message text for message istxxxx
vvvv is the reported visibility and sm indicates the units are statute miles
vvvv is the data
vvvv is the pad version number file format
vvvv is the only vodka i know to have an apple flavor
vvvv is the commanded
vvvv is the value to be written to that zone
vvvv is the vendor id and dddd is the device id
vvvv is used to show where within the field the decimal point is understood to be
vvvv is a 1
vvvv is the vendor id anddddd is the device id
vvvv is an operationcode */
vvvv is

Nickname vvvv

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