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Googlism comments

wabi is literally poverty
wabi is a few years old
wabi is no longer supported
wabi is only availavble on systems on systems powerful or
wabi is able to draw these characters itself
wabi is inexact and a difficult one for english speakers
wabi is my favorite restaurant in town
wabi is windows only
wabi is pretty much
wabi is that his music is "derivative"
wabi is based on technology acquired by sunselect from praxsys technologies
wabi is available for solaris 2
wabi is "windows application binary interface
wabi is a sun utility that allows some programs written for microsoft windows on a pc to run on a sun workstation
wabi is a utility that allows some programs written for microsoft windows to run on unix workstations
wabi is a state of mind in which a person is calm and content with a profound simplicity and at the same time it createst a sense of form and grace that are
wabi is not to be mistaken for that which is merely soberly sedate
wabi is the purity of natural imperfection
wabi is generated through variations in form finish and texture
wabi is a concept/aesthetic which cannot be truly defined
wabi is dead
wabi is the ability to see the potential that lies within
wabi is announced
wabi is a concept that eludes an easy or direct definition
wabi is colocated with esa 2001
wabi is a chicago based japanese blues harmonica player
wabi is supported on the
wabi is the beauty found in things simple
wabi is? almost
wabi is?
wabi is the fastest
wabi is the default
wabi is a chill
wabi is the seed for a user
wabi is an essential element in everything japanese
wabi is similar to wine
wabi is a ms windows emulator
wabi is a subjective feeling evoked by an object
wabi is "the beauty of things imperfect and natural" and sabi is "the beauty found in things worn with time and use"
wabi is a commercial win16 emulator
wabi is licensed to hp and is different software due to different instruction sets
wabi is to be satisfied with a little hut
wabi is to be
wabi is rooted in the idea that perfection is a kind of death
wabi is sun's ms
wabi is not intended to replace nt and we currently see limited need for incorporating support for nt
wabi is everywhere is certainly not the case
wabi is the very essence of the tea ceremony
wabi is inside an enormous mall
wabi is japanese for "simple quietude"
wabi is a part of solaris package which is an imulator of pc
wabi is a sun microsystems application that runs windows 3
wabi is a commercial offering that emulates the entire windows 3
wabi is located in /opt/sunwwabi
wabi is done by running an 'lp' command
wabi is using the 8
wabi is to comprehend the enlightenment
wabi is artistry on a roll march 10
wabi is the intangible essence of the tea ceremony
wabi is not only an outer feature
wabi is considered to be the moral perfection of the buddha devotee
wabi is running windows
wabi is fast becoming the de facto standard for running microsoft windows applications in the unix environment
wabi is very slow
wabi is able to translate most of the core windows functions
wabi is offered as an oem product by hewlett
wabi is egy windows emulátor
wabi is een windows
wabi is a
wabi is confused about the state of the floppy
wabi is also tighter and neater than any typical woven while not nearly the same cost
wabi is realised most fully in the tea ceremony where the simple objects – the kettle
wabi is maine's oldest television station
wabi is very difficult to explain but it means that it is impossible for human being to satisfy their all desires
wabi is restricted to windows 3
wabi is widely heard by dxers in the northeast
wabi is installed
wabi is the real deal
wabi is a commercial product
wabi is lost if tea is memorized and executed as a mechanical ritual
wabi is helaas door caldera van de markt gehaald
wabi is a windows 3
wabi is a trademark of sun microsystems
wabi is een emulator waarmee de ms
wabi is the mole on cindy crawford's lip

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