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Googlism comments

wampus is seeking not only to sign and produce new artists
wampus is reviewing the more than 50 submissions received from the us and around the world for its lou reed tribute
wampus is the story of an alien monster with shapeshifting powers who has
wampus is a corruption of the word "wumpus" in the game "hunt the wumpus
wampus is on the upper part of the map
wampus is a big hairy creature that will gobble you if he gets you
wampus is an alien shapeshifter who has been sent by a mysterious cosmic intelligence
wampus is an alien
wampus is an independent compact disc label
wampus is wampi
wampus is the story of an alien monster with shapeshifting powers who has been sent by an evil cosmic intelligence
wampus is dead art
wampus is interested not only in signing and producing new artists
wampus is designed for my friends and family to keep up with what's new in my world
wampus is a mult
wampus is home to growing roster of indie artists
wampus is back
wampus is directly related to his approximate location on the screen
wampus is "legendary monster of the forests"
wampus is a word meaning chief or leader
wampus is
wampus is a bad card against most decks
wampus is developing new programs to help them reach their audience
wampus is dead
wampus is unusual in one way
wampus is large wild panther
wampus is a black cat with a white tail and it lives in the tall timber
wampus is next door
wampus is too far away
wampus is hard

Nickname wampus

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