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Googlism comments

wd40 is a great cleaner of rubber and metal parts
wd40 is a poor practice
wd40 is an all
wd40 is effective for removing some ink stains
wd40 is good as an initial penetrant and works well to coat things against corrosion but does not last
wd40 is too thin to be used for bbs which will covered by water
wd40 is not really a lubricant per se
wd40 is a petrolatum based product
wd40 is about fun and there was plenty of fun goin' around on saturday may 15th along an 8
wd40 is an etching acid and not a lubricant and that it could eat into metal and ruin ball bearings
wd40 is both cool and efficient
wd40 is a penetrating oil and that is usually the way that i use it
wd40 is bij veel minirijders bekend als middel waarmee veel kan
wd40 is a great two
wd40 is one such item available in the us
wd40 is essentially kerosene
wd40 is a penetrating oil
wd40 is suppose to work pretty good also
wd40 is just about the best moisturizer we've found yet
wd40 is a moisture inhibitant
wd40 is not the best option here for looking after cams
wd40 is not really a suitable lubricant for bearings
wd40 is not exactly great fot plastic
wd40 is great for starting 'em up as it's flammable and it helps get some compression
wd40 is a water dispersing agent that will
wd40 is excellent for this and lubricate very sparingly with coppaslip
wd40 is a petroleum
wd40 is really not that effective
wd40 is almost empty
wd40 is made to break down the components of rust that join and lock object together
wd40 is going to hurt anything
wd40 is not a permanent lubricant
wd40 is not the best solution
wd40 is a degreaser
wd40 is probably an excellent lubricant
wd40 is an essential product in every workshop and service vehicle
wd40 is a handy tool for coating parts
wd40 is not a lubricant
wd40 is set you can ride the bike
wd40 is pretty good at getting them sparkling again
wd40 is a cocktail of petroleum distillates not often occurring naturally in the wild
wd40 is not a perminent fix
wd40 is the last thing you want to be spraying around
wd40 is a water repellant hence the name
wd40 is excellent for removing soft glue left behind from tape backing
wd40 is a bit too risky
wd40 is the ideal wet lubricant if the lock is rusty or stiff
wd40 is better
wd40 is applied to these connectors
wd40 is good for this
wd40 is the worst thing to use on a gun
wd40 is good for fire ant bites
wd40 is fantastic for lifting smudges from painted walls
wd40 is good to free it off
wd40 is for cleaning
wd40 is especially good for this job
wd40 is too thin
wd40 is hard to
wd40 is a solid nymph choice
wd40 is > > junk
wd40 is junk
wd40 is very thin and
wd40 is sufficient to
wd40 is not the thing to use
wd40 is it ik smeer m'n brikkie met wd 40
wd40 is helpful for those stubborn manifolds
wd40 is an example of a mutilpurpose spray and wd40 does have its uses
wd40 is generally not recommended because it's a solvent
wd40 is en per brief te reageren
wd40 is flammable
wd40 is an all purpose liquid for de
wd40 is fine
wd40 is a wonderful tool if used properly
wd40 is powerful?
wd40 is sucked through
wd40 is the best stuff to be putting into the cylinders either
wd40 is that you need to re
wd40 is perfectly safe for the neoprene used in most o
wd40 is > mostly stoddard solvent
wd40 is the answer especially if tied to the door ajar sensor
wd40 is all you need
wd40 is paraffin based and o ring safe
wd40 is one of my favourite substances
wd40 is not
wd40 is not recommended
wd40 is not actually a lubricant
wd40 is a temporary model
wd40 is especially effective for crayon on walls
wd40 is a must
wd40 is used all the time on switches
wd40 is the wrong type of material to use it is more a lubricant than a cleaner and attracts dust and airborne greasy particles
wd40 is also good for removing crayon marks and stickers off glass or any surface

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