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Googlism comments

wispy is my alter ego
wispy is everything he suggested it might be
wispy is housed in a large plastic tank
wispy is shocked at jay's decision to uproot and abandon his blossoming career
wispy is glass that is clear and opalescent glass mixed to give a cloud
wispy is promoted to the rank of shaman
wispy is beginning to feel stronger with all the assistance
wispy is a villan in many kirby games
wispy is soooo insistent that he is put into my newest journal that wasn't written by me
wispy is only one of the controls she operates under; she has wonderful dexterity and confidence
wispy is so big
wispy is unaware of the two large crates sneaking up on him
wispy is ready
wispy is gorgeous at night as it deepens around the
wispy is a sweet
wispy is a girl? *confused* since you said "girl" i thought you where talking to megakirby
wispy is friendly and fast and only lives in ghost towns which have been converted into mediocre tourist attractions
wispy is a new quilter and just beginning her stash
wispy is now known as gerinc <timiklos> rendes szorny <timiklos> kov <birka> <tohi> realis
wispy is just amazing
wispy is very sociable
wispy is the knowledge that i cannot wholly bear
wispy is 5
wispy is a good descriptive

Nickname wispy

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