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Googlism comments

xavi is geboren
xavi is ready to meet the challenge
xavi is always here to give the support you need
xavi is a singer
xavi is a fan of acid jazz as a listener and a pianist
xavi is content with his burden of responsibility
xavi is on the ball
xavi is likely to make the starting xi
xavi is likely to replace his mentor
xavi is a singer songwriter born in cuba who grew up playing rock'n'roll
xavi is on the far right
xavi is already playing more than guardiola in the first team
xavi is a typical playmaker that moves the ball around so quickly
xavi is estimating being in kirkenes next week on thursday the 25th
xavi is catalan
xavi is an authentic 504 fan
xavi is not taking orders right now
xavi is studying at college for a degree in computer engineering and works in a bank
xavi is a collection of brief meditations
xavi is a natural phenomenom
xavi is another product of the barcelona youth system gaining a reputation under the tutelage of luis van gaal
xavi is a program consultant for juxtaposition arts
xavi is one of the actors returning to stage this year
xavi is too good to be so vulgar
xavi is ranked 154 and has played for 4h36m in 90 days real name
xavi is also out at the olympic games
xavi is the man from whom spain will expect so much in midfield if it is to overcome the african challenge today
xavi is az o uralma alatt debütált a
xavi is considering his future at the catalan club after the signing of gerard lopez and the renewal of rivaldo's
xavi is going to sydney 2000
xavi is the best
xavi is likely to act as playmaker in the centre
xavi is buzo professional
xavi is the next guardiola and xavi can only say
xavi is doing a perfect work
xavi is 13pretty
xavi is completely fictional
xavi is an accomplished driver and also young
xavi is
xavi is a sensational boy
xavi is coming to highbury in a swap deal
xavi is suspended
xavi is leaving for milwaukee to study gravity waves
xavi is completely fictitious and not named after any known person
xavi is going to let you drive his car now with all that manual experience
xavi is looking for information on existing national policies towards circus in other european countries
xavi is coming out with an acoustic album
xavi is one of one with the keeper
xavi is very handsome in the pictures
xavi is pleased by van gaal's return
xavi is geschorst
xavi is ranked 271 and has played for 1h18m in 31 days
xavi is bad

Nickname xavi

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