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Googlism comments

xbase is in conflict with rfc 2396
xbase is a collection of specifications
xbase is often used used to describe the format of the original dbase
xbase is a complex of data files
xbase is not a legacy application in the accepted and erroneous
xbase is far from perfect
xbase is compatible with dbase iii data
xbase is relatively simple and is divided into two parts
xbase is updated
xbase is the standardized form of the programming language that was initially developed in the jpl program jpldis
xbase is old technology
xbase is a database driver for dbi and provides simple sql interface to reading and writing the database files
xbase is higher level
xbase is the industry standard term for those
xbase is to databases
xbase is missing from the x11 directory ? what is the > reason for that ? it
xbase is missing from the x11 directory ?
xbase is only running as midi
xbase is only three
xbase is a generic description for a database management system such as dbase iii+
xbase is capable of basic relational properties
xbase is the language used in foxpro
xbase is dbi driver that uses xbase to actually access the data
xbase is a dbi driver that uses the xbase module to work with the data
xbase is the webobjects
xbase is velocity sensitive
xbase is in the xbase
xbase is a database
xbase is a dynamic software library designed to provide programmers easy access to the data and index files created by the popular dbase databases
xbase is strictly limited so better hurry up
xbase is a web utility designed for the management of web sites
xbase is still the workhorse scripting language around the world
xbase is now an effectively empty package that exists only to have the package management system automatically "pull in" the new packages
xbase is now available to centralise this information and enable it to be shared by all users of the database
xbase is a generic term for implementations of what was originally the dbase programming language
xbase is the underlying structure of the format itself
xbase is a free multi
xbase is aimed at small to medium sized corporations
xbase is a term used to describe the data file/index file formats of a variety of vendors
xbase is headed
xbase is the language of visual
xbase is less then 128kb for binary or 64kb for source code
xbase is that we know your environment and will make sure that the project fits in with the big picture
xbase is required to fully exploit the more advanced options of broplus
xbase is an xbase
xbase is now only an empty package that exists so the package system acquires the latest packages and
xbase is now effectively an empty package that exists only to have the package management system automatically "pull in" the new packages
xbase is making the sounds it is
xbase is secure and stable
xbase is fileflex's native format
xbase is to import and export data to/from dbf or even flat files
xbase is now a pseudo
xbase is multi
xbase is able to process data in ways that traditional sql statements simply cannot handle
xbase is the most widely used file format in pc programming
xbase is that it is supported by many other database programs and can be import directly into them
xbase is not really a valid competitor for the drumstation
xbase is supported
xbase is not available as a database platform in lms 5
xbase is a web contents
xbase is the module i
xbase is related to crystal
xbase is really the right name for this
xbase is 3 drum sounds
xbase is the ability to dynamically execute code in applications
xbase is a www4mail command used to set the base href applicable to urls contained in the e
xbase is only mediocre at text parsing
xbase is a far less widely used language but has become
xbase is basically a wrapper around xbase
xbase is a collection of programs
xbase is not dead on this planet
xbase is a webobjects
xbase is a set of specifications

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