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Googlism comments

xir is an above
xir is based on the
xir is recursive
xir is a set of tools
xir is the rth replicate of treatment a applied at level i
xir is simpler
xir is right
xir is a slave master and i can't write anything but this gibberish
xir is a plug
xir is ranked 117 and has played for 6h12m in 365 days real name
xir is ranked 116 and has played for 6h12m in 365 days real name
xir is only available on ultra enterprise systems
xir is at position 186
xir is essentially transparent
xir is caught in a spray of radiant yellow
xir is highly homologous to girk4
xir is sx and sxi style
xir is true dose
xir is <return>
xir is integral feasible
xir is caught in a spray of shimmering red
xir is caught in a spray of bright orange
xir is the response of the rth experimental unit for treatment i
xir is all about
xir is attacking something
xir is now known
xir is an atom of '
xir is stunned momentarily
xir is my creation
xir is
xir is empty can
xir is being used extensively in glazing systems for modern architectural designs around the world
xir is present initially in the oocyte

Nickname xir

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