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Googlism comments

yankel is analyzing how the clouds are drifting
yankel is cheating us
yankel is dedicated as ever
yankel is entitled to a full refund
yankel is correct in asserting that the damage was ultimately caused by shmerel's own action in opening the infected attachment
yankel is really at a loss
yankel is completely unperturbed
yankel is remembered for his short lifetime of generosity and caring
yankel is a genius
yankel is no longer just a
yankel is right
yankel is in love
yankel is uninterested
yankel is yiddish for jacob
yankel is bringing in seven refrigerators
yankel is 90 years old and about to leave his small bessarabian shtetl for the first time
yankel is located thousands of kilometers from
yankel is a bon vivant who enjoys
yankel is in the hospital
yankel is already something out of the jewish stet'l
yankel is clever and does well
yankel is not that he is outgoing or that he is a babbler
yankel is fairly self
yankel is kicked out by two guardsmen
yankel is dead
yankel is the experienced center director
yankel is doing so much better than you is because he is only concerned in running his business
yankel is often invited to the rabbi'e house
yankel is a form of yaakov
yankel is 90 years old
yankel is riding so fast on his bicycle
yankel is a yiddish form of yaakov meaning suppant
yankel is diabetic
yankel is in moscow
yankel is old enough to understand
yankel is a slugger for the greentree acre niners
yankel is the son of mendel nosanchuk and peshe stollman
yankel is no relation of alter kocker

Nickname yankel

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