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Googlism comments

yapper is basically general message boards for the purpose of all out yapping
yapper is trusted by
yapper is chewing a shoe"
yapper is always right out at the end of his leash and barks furiously at the slightest provocation
yapper is not always a bad thing
yapper is not safe
yapper is going to delete" as a joke
yapper is referring to the
yapper is shown with the black ridge mountain book
yapper is made of plush fleece material
yapper is your mouth lol
yapper is still around
yapper is tonight with her favs on
yapper is a 4 year old male
yapper is crammed to the limit
yapper is a main pain in the rear
yapper is still yapping
yapper is of sound mind and knew that his statements would be used for
yapper is attached to its mistress by a leash of a different length
yapper is right around the corner
yapper is passed to you
yapper is super
yapper is wide open
yapper is during the winter months
yapper is being shut
yapper is a week late
yapper is not paying any attention to their driving thus they are seriously impaired
yapper is so big it makes julia robertsí mouth look normal

Nickname yapper

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