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Googlism comments

zams is a good lower envelope of open cluster stars
zams is superposed according to the distance modulus obtained in sect
zams is at roughly r' = 21
zams is shown as a dash
zams is uniquely determined
zams is still a bit of a village
zams is in reasonable agreement with the models
zams is that we insist the resulting model be smooth for use in puls
zams is unchanged in the past 3 days
zams is a genuine tyrolean inn which can look back on a long tradition
zams is an interesting problem
zams is misplaced to
zams is already present
zams is a quandary for the understanding of the theoretical development of young stars
zams is the disk survival time
zams is a sensitive function
zams is reached at point b
zams is shown with some evolutionary tracks
zams is almost entirely radiative
zams is the unknown
zams is roughly the same at b \gamma v = 0
zams is too low to attempt such a definition
zams is determined by a number of factors
zams is extended to 0
zams is marked by a symbol and included in lsq solutions
zams is incomplete in ngc 6475
zams is plotted in the
zams is nearly vertical for most color
zams is plotted in figure 1
zams is undefined for a sequence of z
zams is het eerste wat we tegen komen twee duitse jongens die ook de e5 lopen
zams is also the name of kawaler's fortran program which models a star in hydrostatic equilibrium
zams is represented by a thicker dotted line and isochrones correspond to steps of 10
zams is even more puzzling
zams is included as a solid line
zams is not significant
zams is reached only at m=7
zams is easily explained if a disk regulates
zams is yet unclear
zams is indicated
zams is a swordless samurai
zams is about 2 \theta 10
zams is located at higher l and t
zams is very large
zams is well marked
zams is a wtts
zams is written zoms and
zams is systematically
zams is a decreasing function of z at z = 0
zams is likely to make li depletion due to non
zams is notcritical for
zams is not critical for
zams is really only a theoretical concept that is most useful when we make computer models of stellar evolution
zams is calculated for a distances of 140 pc and 88 pc
zams is also plotted in panel a
zams is appa
zams is offset from the highest gravity stars
zams is indicated by a broken line
zams is defined as the lower envelope of the class v stars the published versions we discuss seem to be too bright by about half a magnitude in the f0
zams is reached
zams is right
zams is here the one given by malkov et al
zams is modest
zams is so small
zams is shown as a solid line; the dashed lines mark the boundaries of the he ii driven pulsational instability strip

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