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Googlism comments

zaphkiel is also one of the most engrossing characters in the story
zaphkiel is corrupt
zaphkiel is the councillor eye on the different aspect of the thing that we occupy our self with
zaphkiel is the angel of the rose which unfolds its perfection to show us the depth of its heart
zaphkiel is also captured by the guards as he gets injured shielding setsuna from a gunshot
zaphkiel is trying to keep him away from the corruption of heaven
zaphkiel is blind
zaphkiel is a somewhat mysterious angel
zaphkiel is one of the seven great angels of heaven
zaphkiel is
zaphkiel is a really nice guy too
zaphkiel is not a pleasant or safe tool to use
zaphkiel is his
zaphkiel is just standing there with a blank expression
zaphkiel is gone

Nickname zaphkiel

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