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Googlism comments

zari is very intimate and very long
zari is an undefeated nigerian sports star
zari is pure gold coated on silver and other is fabric woven with thin gold and silver wire yarn or artificial gold coating on cotton yarn
zari is made on order basis
zari is made of nylon threads that are covered with some metallic wrapping such as gold
zari is pure
zari is a unique dog
zari is playing with a cat fishing pole in this picture
zari is the thread used for zardozi embroidery
zari is a danish obedience champion
zari is a sweet
zari is awarded at nrw music festival performing in beethoven
zari is my prized rpg character
zari is woven
zari is crafted from pure silver thread
zari is actually silk thread at the core
zari is the renyoukei of zu
zari is the renyoukei form of the zu suffix
zari is generally used in these sarees
zari is used in a discreet manner
zari is an example
zari is proud to have sponsored
zari is brought
zari is the fine glittery thread of gold or silver and the embroidery made using them
zari is created at the time of weaving of the fabrics itself and not as a result of common practice
zari is his gorgeous
zari is also used in the making of banarasi saris
zari is used
zari is used on elaborate sari borders
zari is widely used in weaving
zari is the only deposit being mined in this region
zari is the oldest and most dominant industry in lucknow
zari is used for brocade work like bootis and the pallav and border designs
zari is not pregnant
zari is put in use by hand to get the required designs
zari is a cotton thread coated with pure silver and pure gold
zari is used to border the hands
zari is the use of gold and silver thread
zari is a holy mountain in the eyes of the tibetans
zari is a complex figure
zari is gold
zari is born on the 31st of march '99
zari is ideal for your confident look
zari is sometimes wound round a tall standing diya to compound the insult to the purity of form and function
zari is one of the most famous and elaborate techniques in
zari is woven into silks such as the kancheepuram silk which are well
zari is today made from copper which is electroplated with silver and given a gold coating
zari is located along a highway linking uzbekistan with central afghanistan
zari is expensive
zari is generally translated as any process of embellishing a sari with metallic threads
zari is also of a high standard variety and purity
zari is joint to the zari of imam hussain
zari is dorostenci do piestan
zari is an enthusiastic machine embroiderer
zari is a boosted attack so i guess it could count
zari is tested for authenticity
zari is uniquely
zari is the "z" in "graphic design"
zari is a type of embroidery in which gold or silver or golden coloured thread
zari is an important component of the schools philosophy
zari is garantovanou rychlosti prenosu dat as moznosti limitovat objem prenesenych dat
zari is de specialist in vouwwagens
zari is polyester film coated with gold or silver powder by vacuum metalizing
zari is a bitter and thorny plant
zari is forced to mourn her husband's death and bear difficulties of life single
zari is in sympathy with them
zari is
zari is beautifully decorated with minakari and made by the shah of iran
zari is zari do poludnya
zari is just west of aq
zari is het gebed een machtig wapen
zari is a custom that permits a man to take over another?s wife by compensating him financially for the loss
zari is as beautiful as others
zari is a pet version of zara which is a variant form of sara
zari is the over 500 years old indian art of embroidery using gold and silver threads
zari is a constant companion of tir whose tongue is as sharp as her blade
zari is drawn from the pure gold
zari is garantovanou rychlosti prenosu dat as moznosti limitovat objem prenesenych dat kratce

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