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Googlism comments

zwerg is the german word for "dwarf"
zwerg is a burgeoning artist from moncton
zwerg is $3 ind is $4 test is $5 kpoint is $6 end is $7 loc #100
zwerg is severely beaten
zwerg is a masterpiece of concentrated lyric drama
zwerg is just this
zwerg is ja der hammer
zwerg is solamente eye candy pour heute
zwerg is krank
zwerg is used for the baujagd wich means it is small enough to go into the fox warrens and to push the fox out
zwerg is da
zwerg is eingepackt
zwerg is one of the few ats which doesn't have built
zwerg is ja auch keiner
zwerg is german
zwerg is stolz auf
zwerg is es nich wert
zwerg is the catharsis of his alma
zwerg is frei
zwerg is doch cool
zwerg is now retired from the ministry and living with his wife of 37 years
zwerg is es genau
zwerg is nun mal cool
zwerg is rejected by all but accepted by all
zwerg is tot und hat sich auch verlaufen
zwerg is ja auch nicht grad
zwerg is so ne wohnung klasse
zwerg is 14 jahre alt und hat nix in da birn
zwerg is the king of the gnomes of the lands near gloria senecta
zwerg is the king of the gnomes of the lands near gloriasenecta
zwerg is kloa
zwerg is voll lieb und nett
zwerg is ranked 36 and has played for 22m in 30 days real name
zwerg is actually german for "dwarf"
zwerg is weg
zwerg is ranked 149 and has played for 1h1m in 14 days real name
zwerg is ja bis jetz schon janz nett jeworden
zwerg is der in der 2ten reihe rechts
zwerg is

Nickname zwerg

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